Why We Teach Now by Sonia Nieto

Why We Teach Now

Book Title: Why We Teach Now

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807755877

Author: Sonia Nieto

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Sonia Nieto with Why We Teach Now

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This book dares to challenge current notions of what it means to be a ''highly qualified teacher'' á la No Child Left Behind, and demonstrates the depth of commitment and care teachers bring to their work with students, families, and communities. This sequel to Nieto's popular book, Why We Teach, features powerful stories of classroom teachers from across the country as they give witness to their hopes and struggles to teach our nation's children. Why We Teach Now offers us the voices of teachers like 42-year veteran Mary Ginley, who wonders, ''Why would anyone with any brains and imagination ever want to be a teacher?'' Who then answers her own question affirmatively, ''It's because somehow, even today, even with all the insanity, all the rules, all the poorly designed textbooks, all the directives to teach to the test, there are kids out there who need good teachers.''