Essentials of Transition Planning by Paul Wehman Ph.D.

Essentials of Transition Planning

Book Title: Essentials of Transition Planning

Publisher: Brookes Publishing

ISBN: 1598570986

Author: Paul Wehman Ph.D.

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Paul Wehman Ph.D. with Essentials of Transition Planning

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For young people with disabilities, crossing the bridge to adulthood will be empowering instead of intimidating—when their support teams know the essentials of effective transition planning. Now all the fundamentals of well-crafted transition plans are collected in one concise quick-guide, straight from one of the top authorities on helping young people live fulfilling adult lives.

The keystone of an innovative new series of practical transition guides, this down-to-earth guidebook is a must for educators, service providers, and all others navigating the complex process of transition planning. With their clear research-based guidance, vivid examples, and ready-to-use checklists and tools, Paul Wehman and a select group of expert contributors help readers

  • plan transition at both individual and community levels
  • develop individualized curricula
  • strengthen students' academic and functional skills
  • improve access to the general curriculum
  • write and implement effective transition IEPs
  • overcome barriers to service coordination
  • engage students with more significant support needs
  • make the most of community agencies and resources
  • determine eligibility for vocational services and funding
  • choose from vocational support service delivery models
  • support students who pursue higher education
  • conduct assessment and ongoing monitoring of student progress
  • promote family involvement
  • understand relevant law and policy

To make key concepts come to life, the book gives readers realistic case studies of students with a range of disabilities, analyzing both success stories and situations in which a different approach could have led to better outcomes. And with the "fast facts" in every chapter, readers will have quick insights from current research to inform their students' transition plans.

An invaluable one-stop guide to the basics of transition planning, this book is a must-own for anyone supporting young people with disabilities as they navigate life beyond the classroom.

The book is part of the Brookes Publishing Transition to Adulthood Series